All the tools and support you'll need to transform your life and thrive amidst a lifetime of changes.

Are you frequently asking yourself these questions:

"Why haven't I made real progress on my goals and dreams?"

"What if I had more connections?"

"Why do I find it difficult to deal with change?

Because these questions are all focused on the past, the answers you discover will leave you feeling disempowered and helpless.

Don't let your dreams pass you by for another year while you keep grinding it out, wondering how to make the changes you know will make a difference and lead to real transformation.

Get all the answers and vital support you need to start living life on your terms and develop the skills and mindset of someone who is not able to just survive change but can make change happen!


Become the best you that you can be. Simon Phillips' TCM Community puts the control back in your hands, so you can embrace the changes around you and steer your career and your life in the direction you want to go.


About Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips, also known as The Change Man, is an award-winning trainer, best-selling author and leading performance coach who has helped his clients get great results in the areas of:

  • personal productivity
  • networking
  • career planning, progression and change
  • leadership
  • personal impact
  • effective communication
  • motivation
  • happiness and fulfilment.

Now, Simon Phillips is launching the TCM Community - the first-ever online community focused on helping people like you make the most of all of life's changes.

This isn't a programme or a one-off webinar, this is a vital support structure to help you navigate every challenge as it is happening; providing you with the knowledge, the expertise and the confidence to map out your own game plan for life.

These are tough times, knowing what to do next has never been more complex. Don't let anyone tell you they have all the answers because they don't! However, this isn't the time to stop either. We have to keep moving forward (even when we don't feel like it.) Action cures fear and, through the TCM Community, we can embrace fear, tune into a constant source of positivity and create a better future together.


Susannah Brade Waring, Founder and Director

"Simon is a powerful role model and generously shares his knowledge, skills and experience to accelerate the careers of his clients.

Simon has the highest levels of integrity, oodles of enthusiasm and strong determination."

Penny Snowball, Film Maker and Writer

"Simon is someone who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk, which is essential when helping people to grow. He is collaborative, respectful and his time management is excellent. He is also a great person to work with, great fun and a wonderful communicator."

The Rules Have Changed

Just when you thought you had it all worked out, understood all the rules and subtleties of the game of life, maybe even felt invincible, the Universe throws another curve-ball your way!

It may be something completely outside your life experiences to date, or it could simply be a small pebble thrown into the calm waters of the status quo that creates ripples in every area of your life.

Who knows? What we do know is that unpredictability is the only predictable thing about many of life's challenges.

Whether it be an enforced career change, a surprise addition to the family, a sudden downturn in the economy, a setback in health and well-being, the loss of a loved one, an unexpected relocation or even a pandemic - change can be hard, painful and lonely!

Well, you are no longer alone and you no longer need to face any of the inevitable changes ahead on your own.

Sometimes, just hearing how someone else is tackling the challenges in their lives is enough to get us over the obstacles in our own.

Once we have gained this awareness, it is easier to acquire the skills, build the knowledge and develop the mindset of someone who can deal with change effortlessly.

Exclusive Member Content

Every week you will have access to new material providing insight, ideas and inspiration for your life. Blogs, vlogs , interviews and more, only for TCM Members.

The TCM Library

A growing selection of books curated by Simon to accelerate your learning journey and reduce the amount of time you spend researching the best books.

Monthly Webinar and Q+A

Every month, Simon will host a live webinar, exclusively for Members. As well as running one of his award-winning mini-Masterclasses, Simon will be answering your questions.


Join the TCM Community and form lifelong relationships with like-minded people making a difference in our shared world. Regular "Live" events, hosted by Simon.

A New Opportunity

How would it feel to be someone who can face the uncertainties of life calmly and act confidently? How would you feel if you could reach out and support others as they experience change and lead them to a better place?

The TCM Community is the Home for anyone looking to step up to the biggest challenges of our time and retake control of every aspect of their lives.

You don't have to be brave enough to take on the world right now, just wise enough to take the tiny step of joining a like-minded community that is solely focused on helping you become the best you can be, so that you can change your world.



A constant source of ideas, insights and inspiration to keep you focused, resilient and hopeful of a brighter future.


Typical Challenges

There are many types of change. There are some changes that occur as we travel through life - major events, significant challenges and personal growth. And then there are those changes which are timeless and related to our character, our personality and our purpose. Let's think about the life events first. Where are you in your life's journey? Here are just some of the professional challenges the TCM Community will help you resolve:

  • Considering switching jobs or career direction.
  • Moving out of full-time education and into the working world.
  • Wishing to accelerate progress as a Manager and a Leader.
  • Thinking through "wicked issues".
  • Making a great professional impact.
  • Considering a complete change of lifestyle.

And these are some of the more personal challenges the TCM Community can help you through:

  • Recognising a need to change your approach to key relationships.
  • Being more effective with time and energy.
  • Building essential networks.
  • Communicating with passion and purpose.
  • Developing personal resilience to cope with uncertainty.
  • Generating motivation amidst constant setbacks.
  • Making decisions confidently.

This is just a taste of the many complex issues members of the TCM Community are tackling on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. However, this is not a counselling group. This is a group focused on practical solutions and pragmatic strategies to move you forward - as a confident Change Maker - ready to tackle all of life's challenges.


David Jobbins, Delivery Director

"Simon has been great in helping me refocus my thinking to best position myself and my team to effectively work through current change and uncertainty. I also found it really helpful that he illustrated the sessions with examples and tools that I can work through and employ as I move forward. I would not hesitate to recommend Simon as a coach to anyone looking to work through pithy issues such as organisational change and when there is a need to re-energise or build up personal resilience."

What You Can Expect

The TCM Community is continuous personal development for people just like you. People with the desire to identify and achieve their Life Goals and the heart to help others on the way. We're building a great Community whilst you develop the career and life skills to thrive.

Imagine having access to this team of advisors:

  • A career coach
  • A professional development coach
  • A leadership development mentor
  • A work-life balance coach
  • A skills development specialist
  • A Change Mentor

Simon Phillips does all this for his executive clients across the world and now he is bringing all that to you through the TCM Community. You'll have direct access to Simon and benefit from all the following:

  • Weekly insights and inspiration through a mixture of blogs, videos and interviews with experts from Simon's networks, supporting you on your lifetime learning journey.
  • Monthly webinars including mini masterclasses in key aspects of becoming an expert Change Maker and a live Q&A digging deep into your challenges, helping you to become more resilient, more skilled and more motivated to live your best life.
  • Membership of the TCM Community and networking events to help you build a professional network of like-minded people travelling this journey with you.
  • Access to the TCM Library. A hand-selected collection of the best in personal and professional development. Over the years Simon has read thousands of books and is still an enthusiastic consumer of the latest thinking on the topics that he feels make the difference when it comes to human psychology. The TCM Library features the books he feels will accelerate your journey and support your continuous development. Saving you hours and several thousands in the process.
  • Advanced access and membership discounts on all future programmes and courses created by Simon. Sometimes, the discount will be 100% (that's right there will be freebies too!)

All this and you'll know you're making a regular contribution to the Change Makers Network. (5% of all profits from the TCM Community will go to supporting the development of Change Makers everywhere.)


The TCM Community will provide you with all the Continuous Personal and Professional  Development you'll need to enjoy a balanced, happy and successful life. 


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  • Unlimited access to all areas
  • New content every week
  • Exclusive content for Community members
  • Your questions answered directly by Simon
  • Monthly Webinars and detailed Q+A
  • Monthly book recommendations added to the TCM Library
  • Networking with like-minded professionals
  • An opportunity to influence future content as your needs evolve