The L4 Framework

"What enables some people to set a goal and work relentlessly to achieve it, while others struggle to stay motivated and energised?"

"Why are the majority of New Year Resolutions abandoned by the end of March?"

It was questions like these that got me thinking. They led me on a journey that resulted in the L4 Framework. I realised that the problem was not how a goal is set, whether it was S.M.A.R.T. or if it was a B.H.A.G (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), it was rooted in the level of our motivation to get it done. I discovered that our WHY is always more important than our WHAT or even our HOW.


Transformation Made Easy

Discovering our WHY and then transforming it into bite-sized chunks that can be worked on every day, is what the L4 Framework is all about. The framework helped me to transform my life in so many ways. I went from eating Baked Beans every day to writing international best-selling books and founding The Change Maker Group. That business now enables people to make positive change around the world. My books, presentations, courses and tools have been shared with thousands of people, inside some of the largest organisations on the planet. Until now, the only way to access them has been through those business avenues. But now I am sharing the L4 Framework with you, and I’m doing it for free.

I truly believe in the power of the L4 Framework to transform lives and I invite you now to join me in exploring the difference it can make in yours. Click on the button to get free access now.


James Rose, Conductor

"Simon has been fantastic! I met him approximately four years ago when he mentored me at the Hampshire School for Social Entrepreneurs. Back then, I knew that I wanted to do something big \and that I had a dream of working in entertainment, music, and the arts, but I was confused about how to go about it. Now, I am achieving most of the stuff I identified through the L4 Framework, including conducting (using my head), setting up a dance project, and composing a symphony."

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The saying goes, "This time next year, you'll thank yourself for starting today." The L4 Framework is going to help you plan the best possible future for yourself and for the people you love and support. Click on the button below and let's get started!