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Fear of Failure Test

Is the fear of failure holding you back?

Well, here is some good news. The mini test below will help you identify if you have a fear of failure. And, if you do, 4 steps to overcome it rapidly.

Fear of Failure Test

Read the following questions and answer with a straight Yes, No...

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How To Set Goals For Yourself

How to set goals for yourself and, more importantly, how to stick to them, is a challenge as old as time.

A Very Old Story

Imagine; you're sitting in the entrance to the cave with your fellow hunters contemplating the day ahead. The sun is slowly rising and your bones are starting to thaw as you...

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Dynamic Time Management - an approach for our time

"Does the world really need another time management book?"

Dynamic Time Management was an early morning thought. It was the latest in a long list of thoughts that have occurred to me in the wee hours of the morning. However, it wasn't one that I forgot when I woke up properly.

Those of...

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Simon Phillips' unique L4 Framework

Make every day count. The L4 Framework helps you create a successful life on your terms - energised, balanced, happy and fulfilled.

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