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Be A Bridge Builder

"If you want to be a leader, be a bridge" - Welsh Proverb

I came across a collection of Welsh stories recently written in the 1300's.

They're a mixture of folklore, myth, and wisdom.

In one story, Queen Branwen and her men are in a spot of trouble, so Bendigeidfran stretches out over the river to...

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Jeff Bezos - Change Maker

Jeff Bezos, the Founder of Amazon and the richest person on the planet, is also a Change Maker and here's why:

Jeff Bezos' Change Maker Mindset

Just before he set off into space, Jeff was asked how he felt, this was his answer:

"I'm excited and I'm curious... I don't know how it's going to change...

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Do Your Best

"Goals don't come without a price. Time, effort, sacrifice and sweat. How will you pay for your goals?" - Usain Bolt


My youngest son is in the middle of his GCSE exams at the moment (or at least the best equivalent his school has created). The first set of exams went well and, in his eyes,...

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