What Kind Of Change Maker Are You? The Implementer

Jan 27, 2022

 Welcome back for the second in a series of blogs answering the important question; “What kind of change maker are you?” Previously, we talked about the Play Maker. This time we're looking at the Implementer.

The Implementer

Okay, so what is an implementer?  

An implementer is an incredibly reliable person, and, in fact, implementers are well known for their ability to drive change. Without implementers a lot of change remains just as an idea in someone's head. However, if that idea can be clarified, the implementer loves to pick it up and run with it.

Value to Others

Essentially, the Implementer likes to take your plan and make it happen, so you can imagine just how valuable these people are inside a change-making team.  

The Implementer is also great at problem solving, because they have this sheer determination to make change happen; to bring to life the things that you've got in your head and they're now equally excited about.

They also love to work through problems and don't get daunted by setbacks so, in terms of their value to others, (as you can imagine) they're an incredible role model when it comes to the implementation phase of your project. They have real focus and, as I said, they love to solve problems.  If this is you, you will know that you've got a reputation of being a safe pair of hands.  

The Implementer Skillset 

So, what are the skills of the implementer?  

The first is obvious, as the name suggests, they get things done! They implement incredibly well.

Secondly, people can rely on an Implementer to make decisions. This is because they have this desire to keep moving forward; they don’t get hung up on personal insecurities when there's a decision to make. In fact, the quicker they can make that decision, the happier they are.

Finally, related to their problem-solving ability, they're very, very good at identifying workarounds. So, if you have Implementers in your team and you're quite rule-bound, just be aware that if those rules aren't helping; if they're stopping progress, they (the Implementers) will be finding ways to work around it, and you may not even be aware! However, on a more positive level, they're really good at finding the workarounds that get us where we would like to be.  

The Values of an Implementer

 In terms of personal values, I think it all comes back to a real pragmatism in time management terms. We talk about Pareto's Law - the notion that 80% is good enough, when it comes to the quality and the finish on something; the extra 20% is what the Polisher is after. For the implementer, 80% is good enough as far as they're concerned.

Additionally, as the name suggests, it's all about deeds rather than words for the Implementer. So, if you're trying to influence an Implementer, make sure that you're talking actively; you're talking about the things that are being done; the things that maybe you need their support with. You're not just talking hypothetically, in your head, all about the possibilities and the imagination, you've grounded it. Implementers are incredibly grounded people.  

Slow down Mr Hare 

So ,if this is sounding a bit like you, let me tell you about a few challenges I’ve noticed some of my Implementer clients have had and some of the things that we work through when we're coaching or we're in a team building situation.

The first is they sometimes act too quickly. By that I mean the group hasn't necessarily come to a conclusion and the Implementer has already done something that was just an idea a few minutes ago! You see, to the Implementer that idea maybe clicked and it created some clarity and they thought “Yes, I can do that!”. But for the person expressing it, it might have just been a development of an idea as opposed to their final position. So be careful, if you're that type of Implementer. Make sure you've got clarity and authority from the team to make the next step.

Another by-product of wishing to just get on with things is the failure to align the people around them. Implementers can be prone to working in a silo and not necessarily looking outwards to who else can help. Who else can they develop by involving them in doing the things that come so effortlessly to the Implementer? For some of those less experienced people, that they may feel a bit uncaring. Raising awareness around this can help the Implementer be a more nurturing team mate. 

What's the Implementer's Intention?  

Just as we discussed with the Play Maker, it's the intentions of the individual that underpin their behaviour. For the Implementer, it's really simple! It's to get things done. The Implementer loves a checklist. They love to be able to see the progress they've made and see very tangible results and outcomes. The intention of the Implementer is to be that bundle of energy we need to make change happen.

Is This You?

Is that you? Are you that Implementer or do you have an Implementer in your team?
Whichever way round it is, you now know the vital contribution that an Implementer makes to your team. Here's this week's video if you want to listen to the key messages again.

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