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Jan 29, 2021

I love inspirational quotes. Quotes can provide a quick energy boost. They can give you something to ponder while you take a walk, or soak in the bath. Inspirational quotes can also stop you in your tracks with a new perspective. A few words of ancient wisdom can also boot you up the backside and spur you on, to get something done you've been procrastinating over forever!

And the fascinating thing is, they can impact each of us differently. Depending on what is front of mind for us, a quote we've seen many times before can sometimes pop up and hit us "SMACK", right between the eyes, as it yells out its new importance. I wholly believe in the saying, "When the student is ready the message will appear."


Inspirational Quotes from Books and Authors

The inspirational quotes in The Time Of Your Life come from a range of sources, but books are always packed with wisdom. Maybe it's because the author, and their fictional characters, take us to a different place where we can express ourselves fully and be our best? Take this one from Mark Twain for example; "The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up." I often find myself pondering that one and it always brings me back down to earth and out of my head! Many of the quotes in this book are equally simple and yet profound. I've purposefully grouped them into five topics so you can always find a useful insight easily. Whatever you're feeling or struggling with, there's something for you in here.

The Topics: Happiness, Action, Perseverance, Perfection and Worry.

I don't know which of the quotes in this book will do that for you. Maybe none of them on first reading. Maybe six months down the line, when you, absent-mindedly, open it up again, while you're taking a break from your Inbox, a quote (or the few words I've penned to comment on it) will inspire you to take a whole new path in life, or reconsider a key decision. Whatever and whenever, I hope this book serves you well.

Inspirational Quotes Book Free Download

It's been fun compiling the book and reflecting on each quote personally. I've decided to make it available to you free to, hopefully, begin a conversation with you. My passion is supporting people as they tackle all of life's changes, including the ones relating to their career. So, when you request a copy of the book, I'll add you to my mailing list and we can get started. (Don't worry, I detest Spam so I won't bombard you with emails, and of course you can Unsubscribe at any time.)

Please contact me at any time if there is something you'd like to share or if you have a request. Also, let me know which quotes resonated with you and please tell me your own favourites, I'm an avid collector! 

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