TCM Community is Live

Mar 04, 2021

This week the TCM Community was launched for people seeking support through all of life's changes. These are turbulent, challenging times and wherever you look dramatic changes are happening. The TCM Community is here to help.

The Community is open to people dealing with all types of change and provides a constant source of ideas, insights and inspiration to make the most of the opportunities that come with change. There are weekly updates, monthly webinars, one-off masterclasses, expert Q+A's and a bunch of free resources that will all be constantly added to as the community grows. Think of it as Continuous Personal and Professional Development. You'll never need to wait for a boss to approve your development again.

The TCM Community has been put together by Simon Phillips - The Change Man. It draws on his wealth of experience helping individuals through his training, coaching, speaking and writing. Simon began his career in the change management division of Accenture before setting up his own business working with corporate and public sector clients. He founded The Change Maker Group and the Change Makers Community in 2015 and their work now supports change makers across the globe. His books include the best-selling Time Management 24/7, the ground-breaking Complete Guide to Professional Networking and Change Wisdom with his colleagues at TCMG.

Simon's award-winning training has been helping employees deal with change in almost every commercial sector, including the NHS, the Charities sector and beyond. Now he is making that available to individuals everywhere through this new online community. The TCM Community is also in your pocket with its own multi-platform App.

Right now, you can give the TCM Community a 30-day trial for just £1. Find out more.


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