Resilient To Change

Mar 11, 2021

"Resilient to Change is all about your appetite for life!"

Everyone on the planet has had the notion of Change thrust in front of their eyes over the past 12 months. The spread of Covid-19 has changed the lives of everyone in way or another.

  • For some, it has meant complete transformation. Loss of a job or even temporary or permanent loss of health.
  • For others, change has been frustrating. Loss of a social life. Loss of past-times.
  • For most, change has meant a loss of routine. Loss of family interaction. Loss of familiar chores. Whoever you are, your life has changed.

How alive do you feel at the moment?

Your answer to that question will be determined by how Resilient you are. Our resilience can be measured by how quickly we return to full throttle when we've been impacted by change. As I mentioned last week, it seems that the ongoing nature of the pandemic (a continuous stream of change) is hitting people harder than the initial lockdown. Morale within work teams is low and families are creaking under the strain of constant co-habitation. Luckily, for some, the opening up of the schools this week couldn't come quick enough. (I'm not sure who was the luckiest, the parents or the kids!?!) 😂.

However, not everyone saw it the same way. How's this for a different perspective? This is a post a friend put on LinkedIn, illustrating not just a great level of resilience, but also a determination to soak up every ounce of life, however it is served.

Change Happens, That's Life

If we step back from the pandemic for a moment and just consider all of the other changes that occur in our lives, it is easy to see that resistance is futile! In fact, the opposite is even more true. Accepting the changes that take place beyond our control, however challenging, enables us to get on with our lives so much quicker.

Don't get me wrong, this is not some heartless message suggesting people should not spend some time reminiscing, or give up missing the people who are no longer in their lives. Just the opposite. Let's Embrace the Wake. In many countries, families celebrate the life of the recently departed at a Wake. I think there is something really important we can learn from this. The period for grief is sharply defined and then life is resumed with a big party!

This is how we could look at any Change beyond our control. Decide on a specific period of grieving and then embrace Life. Of course, when I say grieving, most change in our lives is not as dramatic as a bereavement. Sometimes it's as insignificant as a new boss or a rearranged event. Whatever it is, the key is to bounce back as quick as we can, so we don't miss a thing.

If you haven't yet watched Life is Beautiful, it embodies so much of what Life is really all about. This film won the Oscar for Best International Film and is equally funny, touching and poignant.

Whereas, my video this week is equally, BIG in the hair and jumper departments!!

Sharing is Caring, so please share this short message with someone who needs a little nudge to recall how great life is really.


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