Imposter Syndrome - 4 Steps to Overcome It

Jan 28, 2021

"Imposter Syndrome is something to be eliminated as soon as possible."

There are always opportunities in chaos. Right now, all the rules are changing. If you are lucky enough to have either the skills (or the deep desire to build some fast), there are some opportunities you'll be able to grasp.  BUT ONLY IF you can quieten that small, but insistent, voice in your head that you are not quite good enough.

My question is, "How do you know?" The opportunity ahead for you has never been tackled in times like these, by someone with your unique perspective and thoughts on how to make it happen.

It is likely if you are thinking like this (or displaying any other symptoms associated with Imposter Syndrome) that you are comparing yourself to someone else. There are three problems with this:

  1. The job they did, or the experience they have was gained, happened in a time frame that wasn't now. Not everything they know or have experienced will be relevant.
  2. You are not them...and that's a good thing. The circumstances may demand someone more like you.
  3. Everyone looks like a swan. We don't see the effort they are putting in, the challenges they are overcoming to deliver an "effortless" performance.

We are always going to appear a poor second (at best) when we compare ourselves to an imaginary person or a set of criteria that may not exist! In this week's video I share where Imposter Syndrome comes from, how even the most amazing people can suffer from it, and the 4 steps to overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

NEW is better than you think

I'd like to present you with some observations I have made from working with hiring managers, executive teams and leaderless teams over the years. Almost always the desire is to seek out someone NEW. Someone who will challenge the accepted norms. Very rarely are they looking for someone just like the person who recently departed.

This may seem odd at first, especially if the person departing was a great success. Why would people not want more of that? The reason is, as humans, we love the thrill of NEW. We love the possibility of better. And, as the old saying goes, "A change is as good as a rest." Sometimes we just want things to be different.

Remember this next time you are wondering if you will measure up. You come with something only you can bring to a situation - YOU. You are new to the team, to the situation, to the opportunity and people will value that.

How to leave Imposter Syndrome behind

If you are sincerely interested in leaving Imposter Syndrome behind, then we have to get serious. We have to suspend self judgement. Once you've done that, just do the work. Show up every day and do whatever it is you've said you're going to do. Every day, monitor your progress and eliminate any doubts that you are not good enough. Pretty soon, you'll discover your new way works just great for the people around you. You'll have your own group of cheerleaders.

What dream are you working on right now? Need some help? Take a look at my L4 Framework. It has helped thousands of people overcome Imposter Syndrome, get clarity on their plan and make change happen in their lives.


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