Dealing with Personal Change

Dec 16, 2021

Dealing with Personal Change

I was asked a great question today during an interview for a webinar. “As the Change Man, were you inspired to help others navigate change because you (a) found it easy/fun/exciting to deal with personal change or (b) you found it difficult and wanted to make it easier for others?"

The answer of course was “all of the above”!

I have often been compared to a swan. Seemingly gliding effortlessly through all of life’s challenges and probably paddling like mad beneath the water to just stay afloat!

We cannot always be cool and measured in our reaction to change. It’s possible we’ll be shocked/annoyed/frustrated/overjoyed…in the moment.

What matters is how we respond.

Once we have ridden the emotional rollercoaster, we always have an opportunity to choose our response and this is where the experienced change maker adopts a swan-like demeanour to face the situation squarely and from a place of personal power.

Beliefs are important

Do you believe every change has within it a seed of opportunity? If you do, you are likely to feel more resilient as you proceed. If instead, you fear the change or spend your time wishing things were different, you may feel powerless.

Ultimately, whatever we believe we are likely to find evidence to support. If I was to say look for the colour red, it’s impossible to not see the red things all around you right now.

So what?

Knowing out beliefs dictate what we perceive in our world it is possible to be purposeful with our thinking. We can infer that work on our belief programmes will deliver rich rewards if we can switch from a negative wavelength to a positive one. Not because it feels good but because we will become more aware of the positive opportunities all around us.

To get started, the next time you are perceiving a change negatively, ask yourself “What if this was meant to happen to me right now? What if it is just shaping me in preparation for something amazing?”

It’s just as likely as any other scenario only you’ll feel better and we know that leads to a more inspired life.


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