Build Back Better

Jan 06, 2022

This is a short blog to highlight my latest video. The video is called Build Back Better : The Great Resignation and The Great Awakening. My intention is to explain some of the key reasons why millions of people are leaving their jobs all across the world right now.

The Build Back Better Act in the US is focused on the their plan for health and social care but it has become intimately connected with phrases like "build back better, our plan for growth" and "build back better, the great reset".

It is this second phrase that caught my eye as there is a direct relationship between everything that has gone on in society as a response to Covid and an emerging set of new aspirations.

My message in the video is we can all build back better in 2022. Take a look and let me know how your plans are changing right now. What are your aspirations for 2022?



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